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Two Rivers Public Health Department has issued  "Directed Health Measures" for our area.  For the safety of everyone, please follow, or exceed, these required measures.  Click here to see information at the Two Rivers Publc Health Department website.

The Alma, Republican City, Orleans, and Stamford Fire Departments along with Harlan County Health Systems would like you to be aware of some SAFETY TIPS concerning the virus outbreak.

CORONAVIRUS information for Alma, "please click here".  We felt this situation is important enough to have information related to what the City of Alma is doing concerning on this page. 


Alma is a city of progressive citizens, great schools, a stable economy, fresh air, clean water, safe neighborhoods, high-quality medical care, enthusiastic community spirit, and weather of all seasons.

Our city is defined less by boundaries on a map than by the sense of shared values our residents hold dear.  We take pride in maintaining a wholesome lifestyle, rich in cultural history, along with a deep commitment to the preservation of our environment and a progressive approach to local business. 


If you would like to receive City of Alma alerts, we can help you with that.  Please fill out our "Alert sign up" sheet and return to the City Office and we will enter the information for you.  Please click here for the Alert sign up sheet.



If you are interested in the Western Sky Subdivision check out a web page, that we made with a short description of the project and where we have been posting pictures as the project proceeds.



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Double billing


Our billing system has sent out double bills by mistake.  You may receive two seperate bills from the City of Alma, you only owe one of them.  We apologize for this mistake.

Sanitation Superintendent


Warren Lingg has advised us that he will be retiring from his City of Alma Sanitation Superintendent postion.  We are sorry to hear this, however wish Warren the best of luck and a big THANK YOU for his service to the City.

The City of Alma is now...