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Alma Utilities supplies potable water to its customers using a network of water wells. The wells pump groundwater directly into water mains. The water mains are interconnected to allow for a flow of water to all areas of the community. Alma is fortunate to be situated near the Ogallala Aquifer, one of our nation’s most plentiful underground water sources. Depending upon a variety of factors, including weather conditions, we pump an average of 650,000 gallons of water per day during the summer months, and an average of 200,000 gallons per day during the winter months.



Samples of our water, taken from sites throughout Alma, are regularly checked to insure its topnotch quality. Additionally, samples are taken from all municipal wells and tested.

Water Leaks

Maintain easy access to your main water valve (usually near the property line), so it may be shut off quickly by City Utility Personnel during an emergency. This will reduce water loss and possibly prevent water damage to your possessions. Locate the following valves in your home:

• Water shut‑off valve. This valve turns off the water to your entire house.

• Water shut‑off valves for toilets, clothes washer, dishwasher, refrigerator with ice maker, etc.

A continuous leak from a hole 1/8” in size at an average household water pressure of 60 PSI would, over a one-month period, result in the waste of 100,000 gallons.

If you have an emergency leak in one of your fixtures or appliances, turn off that shut‑off valve. If the leak is somewhere else in your home, you may want to call a plumber to come fix the leak.

Alma Utilities checks for leaks on the mains and services at no charge to the customer.

Alma Utilities owns and maintains the water meter and meter remote.

Alma Utilities will be responsible for the replacement of both the water meter and remote due to leaking or malfunctioning.

Customer will be responsible for meter due to vandalism or freeze ups.

If a leak is found

Customer is to hire a licensed plumbing contractor to repair the service leak within 5 working days.

Customer is responsible for maintenance or repair of water services from water curb stop to customer's house. For sanitary sewer services, customer's responsibility starts at the sewer tap. If sewer tap is under concrete street, customer is responsible for concrete removal and replacement including tarring of cement cuts. When tap is in the alley or right of way, ground cover shall be returned to original condition.

The property owner owns the water service line from where it connects to the city water curb stop valve. It is the property owner’s responsibility to pay for all service line repairs. Alma Utilities is responsible only for the water main and service to the curb stop valve. In an emergency, call Alma Utilities at 928‑2242 to shut off the water service at the curb stop box. Many water meters are located in basements. Our meter readers must have access to them in order to render a correct bill. If the meter is not accessible, the water bill must be estimated. Many customers find that having a Read‑O‑Matic device installed provides convenience for them. The Read‑O‑Matic is mounted on the exterior of a home and allows the meter to be read from outside. Our installer must have onetime access to your water meter to install the device.

In the event of a discrepancy of the reading on the remote reader, the reading will be taken on the water meter.


High Water Bills

If you receive a water bill that in your opinion is unusually high, it may indicate that your service line has a leak. Even a very small leak can waste enough water for you to notice the increase on your bill. If you do not have a leak and the bill seems high, did you use more water outside?

Did you go on vacation and leave someone else in charge of watering your lawn?

Did you recently add an underground sprinkling system?

If you have an underground sprinkling system, could there be a broken head?

Did you use more water inside?

Did you do additional laundry before taking a vacation or after returning from one?

Did you have extra company staying with you during the month?

Conserving Water

Water is perhaps the most taken‑for‑granted resource available to us. Local supplies, though plentiful, have over time gradually declined. Here are a few ways to help conserve our dwindling supplies:

Install low‑flow shower and faucet control devices.

Install low‑flow toilets.

Repair any objects that leak inside or outside (faucets, toilet tanks, etc.)

Keep a container of cold drinking water in the refrigerator.

Use your washer and/or dishwasher only with full loads.

Water your lawn during cooler parts of the day so that more water soaks in and less evaporates.

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