Welcome to the official web site of the City of Alma! Alma is a city of progressive citizens, great schools, a stable economy, fresh air, clean water, safe neighborhoods, high-quality medical care, enthusiastic community spirit, and weather of all seasons.

A Message from the Mayor

Hi! I am Mayor Hal Haeker. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Alma for their vote and to welcome them, along with the world, to the City of Alma’s Web Site. One of the many goals that I have for the community is to promote effective communication with our citizens along with possible future citizens of Alma. With this Web Site we will not only be able to communicate with the present citizenry but also with any one in the world who sees Alma as a great place to come, raise a family, retire and enjoy the many benefits of small town America.
If you are already living in Alma, take a look around you to see the many benefits that we have. If you do not presently live in Alma and have the opportunity to visit, I invite you to discover the many benefits of Alma that make a visit enjoyable. With the many City Services such as a public swimming pool, parks, recreational facilities, nine-hole golf course, library, camp ground and paved streets, we can take care of both young and old alike. While in the area you may also want to take a look around, with Nebraska’s second largest lake literally out our back door, which lends itself to some of the best hunting, fishing and water recreational activities in the area. This includes hiking, biking, trail riding, walking, water skiing, camping, goose – duck – pheasant – quail – small game hunting and fishing for walleye – small/large mouth bass – catfish and wipers to name just a few. But the best of all is a nice quite afternoon sitting along the shore, visiting with your neighbor, sharing a cold drink wondering why you hadn’t done this before.
With the many City services, supporting area and great neighbors, I welcome you to Alma. Stop in and say hi!
Mayor Hal Haeker

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Hal Haeker

Mayor Haeker City Planning