Harmful Algae Toxin alert - July 18, 2019

An alert has been issued for Harlan County Lake. Do not ingest lake water  Do not swim or wa... [more...]


Business Help, New and Existing

Get information about help for starting a new business or help for an existing business.   Contact REAP (Rural Enterprise Assistance Project) at or at 402.736.4417.  REAP is providing financing and technical assistance in support of community development, including startup and expansion of small businesses, creation of jobs and other community assets, improving access to services and ownership opportunities especially for low-income or otherwise disadvantaged people.

Contact Info

Craig Eberle
Loan Specialist - East Central Region
209 Hwy 34, Bradshaw, NE 68319
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Center for Rural Affairs
145 Main Street, PO Box 136, Lyons, NE 68038
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