Harmful Algae Toxin alert - July 18, 2019

An alert has been issued for Harlan County Lake. Do not ingest lake water  Do not swim or wa... [more...]


Alma Newsletter & Hide N Seek Game

The Alma City Clerk, Lori Tripe, puts together the Alma Newsletter covering topics concerning the Alma area.  Lori is always on the hunt for items for the Newsletter, so if you have something you feel should be shared please contact Lori and visit about it.  You may just find your information and name in the Alma Newsletter.  For the latest edition of the Alma Newsletter please look below under "Relevant Documents". 



Along with the Alma Newsletter comes the Alma Hide N Seek Game.  Here is your chance to answer some simple questions about Alma or about something around Alma and recieve $50.00 off your Alma City Utility bill.  Please look below under "Relevant Documents" and open "Alma Hide N Seek Game February 2019".  Print the document, answer the questions, and get those answers back to the Alma City Office.  It is simple, it is fun, and you may even learn something about Alma you didn't know before.

Contact Info

Lori Tripe
City Clerk
614 Main Street

Relevant Documents