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The Alma RV Park is closed for the season and will re-open April 15, 2018.


We are currently taking names for those who wish entered into the 2018 lottery for the Seasonal Camping sites.  The drawing will be help November 15, 2017.  Please contact the City of Alma at 308-928-2242, or you can email cityclk@almacity.com or cityadm@almacity.com 



Changes at the Alma RV Park for the 2017 season included assigning sites using a lottery system.   This gave any and all campers an equal opportunity to utilize and enjoy the campground and what Alma has to offer.  For a copy of the letter explaining why we did this and how it works, please click here for a downloadable and printable explanation.  You do not need to be present at the drawing.   We look forward to your call asking to be in the program for 2018.


Alma RV Park is within walking distance of downtown Alma where you will find a super market, pharmacy, movie theatre, banks, gift shops, antique shops, hardware store, coffee shops, bakery, hair salons, dining, and more.  To the south is a view of Harlan County Lake and there is ample boat parking at the east side of the park.



RV Park campers              RV Park shower_restroom



In case of sever weather please click here for detailed printable TORNADO SAFETY INFORMATION.  Campers may also ask Angela for this information.


For a map of the RV Park, please click here.


The Harlan County Sheriff's Office offers free weather alerts and other emergency information simply by registering. (CLICK HERE) to sign up and register for this valuable service, you will be taken to the CODE RED website.  Harlan County's website is http://www.harlancounty.ne.gov/



Current Fees                                                                       

Per Day - $25.00

Per Week - $150.00

Per Month - $350.00

Per Season - Prepaid - April 15th - October 15th - $1,500.00

(plus applicable sales and/or lodging tax apply)


Available Services

Full Hookups

Water - Sewer - Electric - Cable TV - Limited Wireless Internet

Close to golf course - Close to shopping - Off space parking for boats - Walking/biking path - Quiet safe setting



Bathrooms and Showers


Camp rules


RULES AND REGULATIONS (in addition to the ones above)

The Alma RV Park participates in the "US Army Corp of Engineers Kansas City District Seasonal Camping Acceptable Use Criteria" program.  To review and/or print this program,  please click here.


The Alma RV Park is designated to accommodate campers and sleeping trailers. Tents can also be pitched in an area designated for tents on a limitied basis.



1. RV must be parked on the lot near the utility risers and at the proper angle to facilitate an orderly and easy exit from the park. Pull thru’s are sites 1-8 ONLY!


2. Occupant vehicles parked roadside only. Guests’ vehicles parked in designated areas. NO boats allowed at trailer site. Boat parking area is at the east side of the campground.


3. Guests’ will not be permitted to store personal property under their trailer during the stay at the trailer park. All steps and small mats (2’ x 2’ only) must be removed in occupants absence.


4. RV's will at all times have wheels with serviceable tires attached. Blocking up for stability is permissible.


5. RV's will bear current license plates where required by State Law.


6. Individuals will not be permitted to construct patios, porches, tools sheds or other appurtenances as an accessory to their RV's.


7. RV's parked on lots other than the utility connected area, must deposit all wastes in sewer dump as provided. No wastes will be discharged directly on the ground.




9. CONCESSIONS: There will be no concessions of any type operated in the RV park.



1. First come first served except for Seasonal Campsites.


2. All persons occupying a lot at the Alma RV Park shall, register with the caretaker, and rent for the occupation of such lot shall be paid in advance, at the Office of the caretaker. Rent may be paid at the Office of the City Clerk provided the caretaker notifies the City Clerk of his/her absence from duty at the rent-due date. NO REFUNDS!


3. RV Park will be opened April 15th and closed October 15th of each year.


4. No person shall camp, erect a tent or RV or truck-camper within the park except at the designated campsite. Tents are NOT allowed in front or back of RVs.


5. All Ordinances of the City of Alma, when applicable, shall be adhered to by residents of the RV Park.


6. No persons in the park shall behave in a noisy or disorderly manner or engage in any activity that might reasonably be expected to disturb the peace or enjoyment of other campers. The City Council or Park managers may authorize the eviction from the RV Park any persons so behaving.


7. Dogs or other small pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Dog and livestock Ordinances of the City of Alma must be complied with. Clean up of pets IMMEDIATELY.


8. Dogs cannot be left unattended. Noisy pets will be evicted.


9. Drive on established gravel roads only.





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