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Paying Your Bill:

Your utility bill is due upon receipt and is considered delinquent on the 16th of each month. Billing dates are from the 15th to the 15th of each month, and you will receive your bill on the 1st of each month.


eBill Payments:

Alma now offers online bill paying.  Please click here for intructions on how to sign up.


Automatic Bank Payment:

A free service that local utilities have joined together to offer to the citizens of Alma.

This service can save you time, money, and hassle. You’ll never have to write or mail us another check if you sign up today for our Automatic Bank Payment.


Automatic Bill Payments

Your payments are paid automatically from your checking or savings account. You don’t have to write checks.


Time and Money Savings

You save the time spent writing and mailing checks plus the cost of stamps and checks.



Your payment is paid on time every time. You never have to worry about forgetting a payment or mailing it in on time.



Automatic payments are extremely accurate. There are no checks to be lost, stolen, or delayed in the mail.



You can sign up for all utilities on one easy form. Just mail it to one of us and we’ll make sure the other utilities know.


Click here to open a copy of our Bank Authorization form.


Mail In

Return portion of bill with payment in envelope to P.O. Box 468, Alma, NE 68920-0468. Please do not send cash in the mail.


Drop Off Box

City Office - Take your payment, check or cash, to the Alma Utilities Business office at 614 Main Street (two doors east of the First State Bank).


Pay In Person

City Office - 614 Main Street. During business hours.


Budget Payment

Is it easier for you to pay a level monthly charge rather than budget a bill, which changes every month? Budget billing may be the answer. With       budget billing, your annual utility costs are divided into 11 equal payments, with the twelfth month being the settlement month.


You may apply for budget billing after you have been on service for one full year at your current address. Our budget billing sign‑up time is before September 1 each year. You may request Information about this service by contacting the Alma Utilities business office.


To qualify for the Budget Billing Program you must:


1. Have your account paid in full.


2. Have been on City services for at least 12 months.


3. Be a residential (single-family) customer.


 If you desire this service, click here for the “Budget Billing Program Agreement” and simply fill out the agreement and mail it to:


 City of Alma

 P.O. Box 468

 Alma, NE 68920-0468



Third Party Notification

Third party notification alerts another person that your utilities may soon be shut off. The third party receives a letter stating the date of discontinuance, but the third party is not responsible for paying the bill. This service often prevents unnecessary shut‑off.


If you desire this service, click here for the “Third Party Notice Form” and simply fill out the form and return it with your bill or mail to:


 City of Alma

 P.O. Box 468

 Alma, NE 68920-0468


This form will be kept on file and if termination of your gas service becomes necessary, both you and the person you designated will be notified seven days prior to termination. Should you have any questions concerning the Third Party Notice, please call 928-2242.



If you are taking a long vacation, please notify the City office to arrange for payments during your absence. This will prevent having your utilities shut off due to an overdue account. You also may make advance payments.


Overdue Accounts

Your utility service will be shut off if you do not pay your bill. If you cannot pay it, call the City office to schedule a meeting with the Utility Committee for payment arrangements.


Disconnect Policy

The City of Alma shall send its customers their utility bill at the 1st of each month. The bill shall be due upon receipt and is delinquent on the 16th of the month unless the 15th day of the month is on a weekend, legal holiday or on another day when the City Office is not open for business in which event the payment will be due on the next day that the City Office is open for business. If payment is not received before it becomes delinquent, the City shall apply a 10% late charge and mail the customer a disconnect notice by first-class mail. The disconnect notice shall state the customer will have their utilities discontinued in 7 days. Within 1-2 days prior to the end of this 7 day period, the City shall hang a final notice on the customer’s door.  The City shall assess a fee of $25 to hang this notice or if customer requests to make payment arrangement. If payment is still not received at the end of those 7 days, the City shall physically disconnect the service.


Returned Checks

Alma Utilities charges a fee for a returned check. You must pay for the returned check plus the returned check fee in cash at the City office. Failure to comply with this policy will cause your returned check to be turned over to the City Attorney.

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