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Harlan County Reservoir is home to many tracks and trails, but one has been especially developed for horses and hikers alone.


The trail begins at Alma Vista 1 mile south of Alma, NE complete with hitching posts to accommodate up to 20 horses. You can ride loops of 1.5 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours and still have stops for your packed lunch.


The first loop is about 1 1/2 hours and leads riders up on the bluffs looking out on the lake and is called Frazier Loop (named after the first project manager Bill Frazier). This initial part of the trail is well-established and suitable for novice riders and hikers.


The second loop, Bailey Loop (named after the third project manager), goes by Bailey Pond on the south end of Coyote Canyon. This adds another 2 hours to the ride and still gives you time to have lunch at Bailey Pond. There are benches and tie rails at the pond. A trail crosses mouth of Coyote Canyon near the lake (except at very high water level) so you can continue east to Sindt Point where there is a picnic area with benches and tie rails along the trail.


The entire Peckerneck Trail has been mowed twice each year and is pretty easy to see with many posts and arrows for your aid in keeping to the trail. The entire ride is about 12 miles in length and takes about 6 hours if you stop for lunch and to observe the Harlan Lake from various high points along the trail. Watch for the deer, turkeys and eagles early in the year, and much other wildlife.


For a map of the Peckerneck Trail click on (here).


The Peckerneck Trail is located on US Army Corp of Engineers grounds. Please visit their website (here).


ATVs, dirt and mountain bikes are strictly forbidden on the trail as they pose a danger to horses and riders.


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