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Daily Green Fees & Cart Rental Fees

Please pay appropriate fees in the club house. If they are closed please go to the shed behind the #1 Tee Box.


Green Fees


Monday - Thursday

$10 for 9 Holes

$20 for 18 Holes

$10 Every 9 Holes after 18 Holes


Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays

$15 for 9 Holes

$25 for 18 Holes

$10 after 18 Holes


Cart Rental

Carts available after 7:30 AM daily

These fees are per cart NOT per person!

ONLY 2 People per Cart


Monday - Thursday

$10 for 9 Holes

$15 for 18 Holes

$10 for each additional 9 Holes after 18 Holes


Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays

$10 for every 9 Holes 



Board Members

Jason Bach, Brad Tripe, Nick Simonson, Dillon Kauk, Ryan Rogers, Mike Plate


Greens Keeper

Jordy Slocum



Click here, for the latest Golf Board Minutes




Membership Types and Rates


Junior        Fee: $110.00

A person registered in school or a minor person whose family is not a member of the golf course. College students do qualify for this membership.


Single        Fee: $370.00  plus tax ANNUALLY. Monthly payments may be arranged.

This membership is designed for an individual adult golfer.


Family        Fee: $420.00  plus tax ANNUALLY. Monthly payments may be arranged.

A person who is married or single with unmarried dependents living at home or are registered in school, including college. If only one in a family wants to join, a single membership is available.


High School Team        Fee: $750.00

Includes the golf team dues paid by the school and supervised by the school when they are playing. This membership ends with the school golf season.


First Time Members

First time members can join half price. Price reduction applies to any membership: family, single, or junior.  Payment must be made in full at the time of joining; monthly installments will not be accepted for first time members.


30 - Day Green Fee Permits       Fee: $100.00

All the golf you can play when course is open for a period of 30 days. This is designed for persons who will be in the area for 30 days or less.


Special Group Outings

Fees and conditions to be determined by the golf board.


Franklin Golf Course Members - Special Rate - Golf at ALMA all year     Fee: $150.00


Guest Passes       Fee: $50.00

Members may purchase a book of 5 passes for $ 50.00. This is designed for members guest. Please do not abuse. Contact Jordy Slocum at (308) 928-2341 by phone or personally at the course.
Members please take advantage of these passes for your guests.


Two-Ball Golf

Covered by one membership or one green fee ticket.


Additional Information

All memberships are due March 31st or billed monthly through the City Office.

Members who choose to make monthly installments may cancel their membership and receive a full refund if they request the cancellation by March 1st. Otherwise, payment is due for all months leading up to the month of cancellation.


You will be asked to show proof of membership. WE PATROL!



Club House Rental

FEE: $200 members and $300 non-members.

Closed to Public Rates: $350 members and $450 non-members.

Contact Kristi Heft - Event Coordinator (308) 991-6213

Club House Rental Agreement


Golf Cart Storage


ELECTRIC: $ 150.00         GAS: $ 125.00

Electric and/or gas golf cart hook-ups are available in the storage sheds. Rent is due March 1st and is payable to the Alma Golf Course. You may put this in the greens fee box or pay at the City Office located at 614 Main Street, or the mailing address:

Alma Golf Course PO Box 468, Alma, NE 68920-0468, Phone - 308-928-2341


Please pay your stall rental by March 1st. There is always someone looking for a cart stall.

All stall rentals that are not paid by April 1st are subject to removal.


Rules and Regulations

This is a public, non-lighted course that is open to the public 7 days a week, weather permitting. The course may be closed by the decision of the board. You are required to bring your own equipment. The Alma Municipal Golf Course does not have a pro shop. The Alma Municipal Golf Course is a licensed bar. Alcoholic beverages and some snacks are available in the bar area. Please do not bring your own alcohol onto the course, this will be monitored. There are pop machines on the south side of the clubhouse and at the top of the hill. Ice is available inside the clubhouse.


Please park between lines in your stall. Remember, your neighbor on each side paid for their room also.


Keep trash and cans picked up in your area.


No more than five-somes on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


No more than two players should use the same set of golf clubs.


Allow faster players to play through.




Keep golf carts on cement paths at all times around tees & greens.


When a path is not available, keep 15 to 20 yards away from greens and please obey all cart signs and roped off areas.


Do not drive on grass in front of clubhouse, please use the sidewalk or drive through the parking lot to get from #9 to #1 tee box.


Repair all ball marks. Remember:


A fresh ball mark repaired by a player takes 5 seconds to fix.


A freshly repaired ball mark will completely heal in 24 hours.


One-hour-old ball marks left unrepaired require 15 days to heal.


Take care of your course - repair ball marks!


Please do not take practice swings that take divots on any tee.


Do not hit practice balls on the golf course at anytime. We provide a driving range and a practice green for this.


Please replace and repair any divots in the fairway. Do not take practice swings that take divots out of the fairways.


Remember golf is a game of courtesy, don't talk, laugh or yell because your voice travels a very long distance and can bother other players.


Golf is a game played on grass, so if everyone does his or her best to keep it green it will be more enjoyable for all of us.





Weekly League Schedule

May through mid-September

Tuesday night women's league 6:00 p.m. shotgun start

Wednesday night men's league 6:00 p.m. shotgun start

Friday night mixed couples 6:00 pm shotgun start

Hamburger & steak nights start at approximately 5 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Potluck night is shotgun start at 6:00 pm


NOTE: the course is not closed during these times but please be considerate of the leagues and times.


Course may be closed during high school golf or cross country meets. A sign will be posted at least one day in advance on the #1 tee box if the course is scheduled to be closed.


Friday night 2-ball is $5.00 a couple, whether you stay and eat or not. Please pay the committee. 1 membership or 1 green fee of $10 pays for that night's golf-alternate shot format.


Committee may play - Suggest they start one or two holes ahead of 1st group teeing off. Stop by clubhouse after playing #9 and set out snacks, salads, and light grills. Couples will be able to help themselves.


3-4 flag prizes should be put out.  Flag prizes are worth $5 each and is paid out of that nights entry money. Janna Tripe should be given the remaining money, grocery receipts, and score cards.  Each couple has to have at least 3 scores in to play in the club 2-ball tournament on Sat, September 13th.

GRILL NIGHTS: The committee is responsible for making tea, hors d' oeuvres, french bread, salad, turning on the oven, and cleaning up at the end of the night. Golfers need to bring your own table service, your own baked potato, and your own hamburger buns. Supplies are charged to Ladies Golf. (Maximum of $20 may be charged to ladies golf for the hors d'oeuvres).


Children's Rules


Children under the age of 14 must have either parental supervision or must be able to show proper golf etiquette to play and operate a golf cart alone.


Course rental carts may not be rented to anyone under 16 Years of age.


All children are encouraged to play their golf in the mornings when possible.


Children under the age of 12 cannot play golf on weekends and holidays until after 5:00 p.m.


Children may not play golf after 4:00 p.m. on days there are leagues.


For children under 14 whose parents are not members of the Alma golf course there is a $5.00 green fee, which is good for all day except the above noted regulations.


There is also a junior membership available for $110.00. It is good for all year for any child who is presently enrolled in school. This does apply to college students as long as they're not married and/or have a family.


Always allow faster players to play through and do not jump from hole to hole. Start on #1 and play holes in order.


No more than 4 in a group and please no riders. If you are not playing golf, there is no need to be on the course.



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