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Added Calendars

We have added calendars to keep you informed of EVENTS and HAPPENINGS. Under the "COMMUNITY" tab you will find "RENT A FACILITY". Here you will find information about renting the Johnson Center or the City Auditorium. You will also find a calendar for each of these facilities where you can see reserved dates, open dates, and events open to the public.


We have also added an "Events and Happenings" calendar, which will keep the community updated on what is going on in Alma and the Harlan County Lake area.

Do you have an item that could be listed here?  If so please send the info to 


We put items of interest on the electronic sign in front of the Johnson Center, please check it out.  If your non-profit would be interested in placing something on the marquee, please click here for a printable "Policy and Procedures Marquee Sign guidelines" form which includes the "request" form.

Storm season is here.  Have you signed up for AlertSense offered through the Sheriff's Department?  To receive critical warnings and information, click here to learn more. 


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